Custom Family Birdhouse

Through the years, Mary has created dozens of custom stoneware birdhouses for customers.  Using information provided by the client, Mary “imprints” hobbies, names, occupations, children, pets, etc. into each of the sides of the birdhouses.  Subjects have ranged from poodles to bulldozers.  She has made individualized houses, barns, churches, schools, cabins and outhouses. 

Since they are made of stoneware fired to over 2300 degrees F., they are impervious to moisture or temperature changes and can be left outside year ’round.  Each birdhouse is made with a large hole in the bottom to clean out old nests and has a “tab” on each side for attaching the house to a deck, post or stump.  Prices range from $80 to $150 depending upon the size and the style of birdhouse.  For more information, e-mail Mary

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