Custom Orders

To request a custom order, contact Brickyard on Etsy, via email, or call Mary and Brian at 715-468-7341.

We’d be happy to adapt any of our work to your needs. This is just a sample of the things we can do:

Ordering Information: You can get us started by supplying some information about your custom order.

northwoodsglassAll of Brickyard’s Stained Glass and Etched Glass pieces are unique custom orders.

Visit the Glasswork Commissions page to learn more.

Another way to order custom Brickyard work is to sign up for our Bridal Gift Registry.  We will create the items you are interested in, and post them on our Etsy website for easy customer purchase.

Contact Mary at Brickyard  715-468-7341  or email her

Current Bridal Registry:

Bethany Dado & Travis Senn


Bethany and Travis have registered for plates and bowls in our “pumpkin” and turquoise glazes.  The plates are our eight-sided slabs, and the bowls are two sizes of the traditional wheel-thrown.  The dinnerware is stoneware which is fired to over 2300 degrees F., making it very sturdy and practical for everyday use.

You may purchase items for their registry by going to our Etsy site, or by visiting us at our gallery.  (Items maybe be purchased in any amount and in any combination of items.)