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Silk Dyework by Marge Lindemann


Marge Lindemann is a painter whose interest migrated to dyes and fibers, resulting in beautiful, colorful scarves, collages and wall-hangings.  Working with silks as well as velvets and satins, she pieces together landscape and village scenes as well as florals and abstracts, often using metallic threads and beads for embellishment.  Her ability to blend colors and textures into her own distinct style is unmatched.


Recycled Creations by Kristine Olson

Kristine is the ultimate recycler!  Whether she starts with an old fur coat, a man’s suit a wool sweater or leather pants, Kristine ends up with a functional, funky work of art.  Her purses are especially fun, and might include the lapels from a man’s suit as well as the label in the lining!  Everything she fashions is a sure conversation starter. KObag

Weaving by Barbara Guerink


Barbara Guerink weaves lushly colored chenille scarves. As her business card says, “It’s not just your grandma’s bedspread anymore!” Her results are boldly colored, soft and warm scarves.


Basket Weaving by Roxanne Melton

newitem_2Roxanne Melton hand-weaves sturdy baskets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Her baskets are made of woods in many subtle colors. Roxanne resides in rural Shell Lake, WI.

Fiberwork by Cyn Bloom

Cyn Bloom is one of our more eclectic artists.  She is really versatile, working in lots of fiber media with lots of different methods.  It’s always a surprise to see what her latest projects are. cynpurse

Thelma Johnson and the Quatro Ladies of the Philippines

Sometimes it’s the story as much as the work itself that is the draw.

Thelma Johnson, from nearby Cumberland traveled to the Philippines three years ago to volunteer at an orphanage.  While there, she had the inspiration to teach some of the moms to sew in order to make better lives for themselves and their children.  Now, they produce hundreds of aprons to sell, and Thelma (at age 83) returns several times a year to supply them with fabric and sewing machines.  She’s an amazing person!

You can also buy their work on Etsy.

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