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Glasswork by Mary Dosch


Working in glass since 1980, Mary has done hundreds of commissions for homes and businesses all over the Midwest. Working in both stained glass and sand-blasted etched glass, Mary designs all of her own work, making each an original.

In stained glass, her most popular designs the past few years have been “valance” corner pieces–usually vining, branching motifs that fit into the corner of a window. After drawing her intricate designs, Mary is fortunate to work with another local artist, Roger Sweeney, who carefully fabricates the pieces.

Mary’s etched glasswork is done by sandblasting. Using this method, she is able to work in stages, sandblasting the same piece several times and achieving a depth and gradience of tone on the glass. Her etched glass commissions are often installed in doors, sidelights, and cupboards. Again, all of the designs Mary produces are hand-cut originals, and subject matter ranges widely. You can see Mary’s work in person at the Brickyard, look at special orders she has done on our custom orders and glasswork commissions pages, or feel free to contact us if you have a project in mind.

Mary also does custom work mosaics, using glass as well as her own custom made clay and glass tiles.


Handblown Glass and Metalsmithing by Bonnie Hinz

Bonnie Hinz combines colorful, hand-blown glass vessels with metal frameworks of her own design, creating unique pieces in which glass and metal “slump” together.

Bonnie began experimenting with stained glass in 1995, but became more interested in three-dimensional pieces when she took up glassblowing and blacksmithing. “I love the contrast that metal has with glass,” she says, “the strength cradling the fragile.”

Her works are greatly influenced by forms, colors, and textures found in nature, from seed pods to flowers to leaves. Her draped glass vessels were inspired by observations of the ways in which fabric drapes.


Handblown Glass by Oulu Glass Studio


Jim and Sue Vojacek create unique handblown glass pieces from their studio in Oulu, Wisconsin.

Jim began blowing glass in the late 60’s while a pottery student in college. Interest in the glazes on the pottery lead him to the pursuit of glassblowing.

Sue works mostly with stained glass. She uses glass that is blown in the studio to create interesting 3-D glass panels.

You can contact Jim and Sue via their website at

Fused Glass by Carmen Carlson


Carmen is a full-time glass artist from the area.  Here at Brickyard, we feature her fused glasswork…coasters, soap dishes, clocks, etc.  Both functional and beautiful, her items have a contemporary look and are done in a wide range of colors and styles.