Oreb Lram Jewelry


Oreb Lram is a small business that started as a hobby in 1991 by Alicia Randazzo and Rachael Schultz. They are based in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Oreb Lram strives to create jewelry that is beautiful, artistic, and wearable. They want their work to be something that “can be worn every day and for special occasions”.

They create their jewelry using gemstones, glass, and metal. All of Oreb Lram’s designs are original; “We take creativity to heart, by expressing the nature of things. When I see something interesting, I express it through jewelry, like a painting. Our fall gems mix (Garnet, Amber, Brecciated Jasper, Jade…) represents the autumn leaves of northern Wisconsin. I have even expressed the beauty of my cat in the pastel mix: her green eyes, white with gray spots and a pink nose. We are constantly finding ways to express ourselves through jewelry.”


SAS Jewelry – by Sheila Aderman Squires

Sheila Aderman Squires is a native of Shell Lake, Wisconsin, who recently has developed a line of fine jewelry. Her pieces range from delicately crocheted beaded bracelets to bold chunky necklaces in a range of earthy tones.



Necklaces by Sarah Capuzzi

capuzziLiving just down the road from Brickyard, jeweler Sarah Capuzzi produces a truly original line of jewelry.  Symmetry and order fly out the window when she designs a necklace.  Instead there are beads, stones, charms, chains and amulets all working together in her whimsical creations.

Fused glass & jewelry by Jody Gerlach

gerlachJody fuses her own  glass beads and baubles then works them into everything from bracelets to necklaces to barrettes.  She also works with stones, gems and corral to produce beautiful, affordable jewelry.

Lake Superior Drifting Jewelry by Mary Ross

Rocks!  Mary Ross makes lowly rocks into beautiful, simple jewelry that customers love.  She lives on Lake Superior, and knows just where to go to find those beautiful rocks that have been tumbled by the lake to be smooth and round.  Then, her creativity takes over and she fabricates jewelry in an enormous variety of styles. maryross