More Slab Pots by Mary Dosch

Here are a few more samples of the pots that Mary makes, starting with flat slabs, then texturing, forming and building the pieces.  All of the items can be made in varying glazes and designs.

To see what’s currently available to purchase online.


Berry bowl set Use the bowl to rinse off your fresh berries, then serve them right in the bowl, with the bottom plate to catch the moisture.


Birch tree vase Mary makes large vases, platters and lamps in the birch motif, with the birches textured into the clay and then glazed for a distinctive statement piece.


Short-stemmed flower tray A combination of a bud vase and a little tray.  This is an item that allows you to easily arrange those pretty short-stemmed flowers that are usually impossible to display.


Cream & sugar set with tray Mary makes a variety of creamers and jars.  This one would grace your table or counter as well as being useful for entertaining.


Garlic grater and dipping oil server Just grate your garlic on the sharp little “bumps” in the bottom of the dish, add oil, maybe balsamic vinegar and herbs, and you’re ready for some crusty bread to dip.


Slab teapot A funky slab teapot that can be used to brew your tea or can simply grace your shelf.


Toothbrush holder It also holds your tube of toothpaste.  They come in a variety of colors and designs with two, three or four holes in the top.


Watering can Easy to fill and to pour a steady, focused stream of water to keep your houseplants healthy.