“Team-Building Through Mosaics”

Mary has done several team-created mosaic installations, working with ages 10 through senior citizens.  A brochure is available for taking a tour of the mosaic projects.  The tour brochure is available at Brickyard and throughout Shell Lake.

The idea and content for the design is developed by the group, then finalized by Mary.  After receiving more input and getting design approval, she draws the design on the cement board, gathers (or in some cases makes) the materials, then supervises as the fun begins putting it all together. Clients can have as much involvement as they desire in the fabrication.

As a versatile designer who listens closely to customer input, Mary is able to custom design a mosaic tailored to your site. With a thorough knowledge of materials, Mary can install your mosaic either indoors or out.

Text and business logos can be incorporated into designs, and colors and designs are unlimited.

References are available for previous group mosaic experiences.


Mosaic Commission Prices

For a 10-20 square foot mosaic:  $150-325 per square foot, depending upon design  (10 sq. ft. minimum)

Over 20 square feet:  $100-275 per square foot, depending upon intricacy of design and materials.


Prices shown are for mosaics done within a 100 mile radius of Brickyard Pottery and include travel to all meetings, design work, materials and installation.

Client must provide a suitable workspace.