Watercolors by Marie Sweeney

Originally from Long Island, New York, Marie has traveled, sketched and taught art across the country, with home now being northwestern Wisconsin. She began painting in oils, then acrylics, adding more and more water and letting them run. The natural move to free-flowing, transparent watercolor opened an exciting, challenging and ever-changing mode of interpreting nature and her surroundings. She has been exploring watercolors for over thirty years, and has exhibited her work at the Brickyard since it opened in 1980.


Paints & Multimedia by Janice Morris

Janice Morris works in a wide range of styles and a wide range of media.  From watercolor to acrylic to collage materials, her work is always dynamic and exciting.  Owner of Olive Branch Gallery in Cameron, Wisconsin, she is a prolific artist. Janicemorris

Paintings by Patricia Hamm

Patricia is a versatile artist who works in several media…acrylics, watercolors and collage.  Her styles are also varied,  ranging from plant forms to abstract, but always using bold colors and dramatic contrast.



Watercolors by Kathleen Newman

Our newest addition to the painting collection at Brickyard is Kathleen Newman.  Kathleen’s work portrays northern Wisconsin through the seasons and features a textural, saturated style of watercolor.