Pottery Glaze Colors

Our pottery is available in the following color combinations, with those at the top being the most popular and readily available.   All glazes are shown on stoneware clay. Other glazes are available as well.


Mya Glaze

Named for our daughter, Mya, this glaze features golden leaves and stems on a rusty, chocolatey mottled background.


Double Dip Pumpkin
A rich matte glaze with many variations of tan, gold, rust, and brown on each side. The overlap area is a creamy ivory, often with an added “stamp” design.


“Blue Lips” & Black

This is a glossy and speckly blue glaze.  Over the blue, we add our black glaze which results in a mottled navy blue to black contrasting area.


Green Celadon with Leaves

A glossy dark sage green with brown speckles throughout, we add cobalt or rust brown leaves.


Northern Lights

A glossy black glaze with over-glazed pours that range from light grey to blue to green, all very speckled.


Pumpkin and O’Hata
A warm terracotta color on one side and a rich speckly golden color on the other with a dark brown overlap.


White Matte & “Blue Lips” with leaves

Light blue and a speckly light grey with a contrasting addition of cobalt leaves.


White Matte with Leaves

Light speckly grey with cobalt maple leaves.


Pumpkin & Green

A deep forest green paired with our speckly golden pumpkin glaze.  The overlapped area is a light green mottled area.


Triple Green with Maple Leaves

A sage green, a medium blue-green and a darker spruce green.  Rust colored maple leaves added.

dinn3 dinn4 plates1

These are just a few more of the glazes we can create for you in dinnerware or other pieces by order.  (More complex glaze designs may cost an extra 10%.)

Visit us to see our full array of glaze color choices!