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Jean Mans


Jean Mans is never without her camera, and it is obvious in her cards.  A world traveler, her card images range from tiny insects, birds and animals to everyday objects to world markets and architecture.

Jean’s selection of cards at Brickyard changes with the seasons.

Sue Rowe

When we hear people laughing back in the corner, we always know it’s because of Sue Rowe’s cards, magnets or bookmarks.  With the bear as her usual vehicle, Sue’s sense of humor is portrayed in hundred of images that she draws and writes…all poking fun at the human condition.  She is constantly coming up with new ideas and her work is very popular at Brickyard.


Emily Gray Koehler

Emily Gray Koehler is a professional printmaker who makes cards that are little artworks in themselves.  She starts by creating beautiful paper collages, then adds her hand cut woodcut prints.


Susan Zieke

Sue’s cards are always marveled at for their inventiveness as well as the work involved.  With their intricately cut card stock and  added fabric backgrounds, they are truly unique.  The little artworks are made for writing a truly special sentiment.