Sample Pots – Slab & Hand-built

This is just a sampling of the slab items Mary makes, with our inventory constantly changing.  If you are interested in a particular item, feel free to email Mary.  She would be happy to send you an image of items we have in stock.  To see more Brickyard pots….more of Mary’s slab pots, or Brian’s wheel thrown pots.

Take a look at our glaze colors.

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Creamer Pitcher

Serve cream or maple syrup or sauces in this little pitcher.


Fish Pitchers

Mary makes fish pitchers from small creamer size to large water pitcher size.


Fish Stringers

With each a little different, pick out as many fish in varying earthy colors, sizes and shapes, for a stringer on your wall.


Fish Trays

Mary makes a wide range of fish trays…food safe, dishwasher safe.


Gravy Boat

Serve sauces and gravies in this pitcher.  Zap it in the microwave; wash it in the dishwasher.



Mary makes mugs with several motifs…fish, leaves, trees, frogs, etc.  She also makes personalized mugs with names and your specifications


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Made with many different imprints and glazes, all are food safe and great for juices, iced tea, water, etc.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

Definitely one of a kind, each features a different imprint, from fish to flowers.  Easy to refill through a rubber stopper on the bottom.


Salt Pig

Keep this by the stove for when you need to toss a bit of salt into your recipe.  Wooden teaspoon is included.


Silverware Server

Keep it on the counter to keep your silverware handy.  Great for entertaining or picnics.



Mary’s spoonrests will hold any large serving or stirring spoon and keep your counters clean.


Sushi Sets

Sushi tray sets include little side dishes for wasabi, ginger, etc. as well as wooden chopsticks.  We make two sizes of sushi trays.


Serving Trays

Mary makes a wide range of trays with several different glazes.  Her most popular are the “Lake Superior” landscape trays, but she makes versions with dragonflies, fish, etc.



Imprinted with everything from fish to frogs to bears to leaves, our trivets will protect your counter or table from heat and scratches.

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