More Wheel-thrown Pottery Samples

This is just a sample of the many items we make at Brickyard.  Click on any photo for a larger view.  To see samples of our slab pottery (Mary’s work) click here.

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Brie Baker

For a quick appetizer, bake a wheel of brie or a batch of hot dip, then serve it right in the baker.


Dip Cooler

This is a two piece item…just put your dip in the top and ice in the bottom.  Great for summer outdoor snacks.


Egg Beater

For beating an egg or two; or stirring up a seasoning sauce; or blending cornstarch and water.  Whisk included


Mortar & Pestle

The bottom of the inside of the mortar is left unglazed for plenty of “tooth” for grinding spices, etc.  Wooden pestle included.



Everyone has a preference about their mug.  We try to keep a variety of shapes, sizes and glazes in stock for customers to select.


Pie Plates

These stoneware pie plates make a nice deep pie.  Pie crusts turn out very flaky when baked in stoneware.  Recipe for Dosch’s favorite fresh fruit pie included.



For an ice cold lemonade, beer or iced tea, store these pilsners in the refrigerator or freezer.  Drinks will stay cold much longer.



Large yet easy to handle, stoneware pitchers are great for juice, teas, water, etc.  Can be pre-chilled like our pilsners.



Versatile shape and size can be used for a fruit bowl, salads, pasta, roasts, etc.


Soap Dish

This two piece soap dish will save your hand-made soaps longer.  The woven grid is removable and you can just soak the entire soap dish or put it in the dishwasher.


Small Pitchers

For maple syrup, cream or sauces these pitchers, like all of our pottery, can be safely microwaved.


Soup Mugs

Great for handling a bowl of hot soup.  Zap them in the microwave to reheat food as well.  Large capacity for a serving of soup, stew, etc.




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