Sample Pottery - Wheel Thrown

This is just a small sampling of the typical items we make. To see another page of wheel thrown pots, click here.  We also make many one-of-a-kind items, and slab pots.  If you can describe any item you’re interested in, we will gladly email you an image of  items we have in stock.

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Baking Dish
For use in the oven or microwave


Batter Bowl
For mixing up pancakes, cakes, etc.


Bread Baker
Bake a loaf of bread from either your own recipe or frozen bread dough, or use it as a mixing bowl or baker.


Butterbelle or French butter dish

Butter is packed into the top cover and water is placed in the bottom.  Butter will keep for up to thirty days at room temperature.


Butter Jar with Cover
Will hold almost a pound of butter or a plastic margarine tub.


Casserole with Cover

Use these in the microwave for steaming vegetables or in the oven for your favorite casserole.


Keep a cruet by the stove for  sauteing with a quick dash of olive oil.


Dip Tray
Vegetables & dip or chips & dip


Egg Beater with Whisk
Keep it handy on the counter for beating an egg or stirring together a sauce.  Whisk included


Garlic Jar
Make fresh garlic last longer by storing it in a garlic jar on the counter at room temperature.


Pate Plate with Knife
Serve a cheeseball, cream cheese, herbed butter, pate, etc. Wooden knife included


Pie Plate
Stoneware pie plates bake a great flaky pie crust.  Plate has a hanger on back to hang it on the wall.  Fresh fruit pie recipe included.


Store them in the freezer or refrigerator to keep your beer, iced tea or lemonade cold much longer.


Popover Cup
Nothing is easier to bake than popovers, and these stoneware cups make enormous crusty popovers.  Recipe included.


Salad Dressing (2-section server)
Salsa & guacamole, jam & jelly, pickles & olives, salad dressings, hot mustard & sweet and sour sauce…you get the idea


Toothbrush Holder
For either the wall or the bathroom counter, these have holes that are large enough for modern toothbrushes and the center area will hold your toothpaste.


Utensil Crock
Keep your utensils handy with a crock to keep them in.  We make them in a variety of shapes and styles.

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