What’s New at Brickyard?



Tube Vases are back!  They have been selling out,

but we have recently restocked them, with each one unique.







New!  Egg bakers for quickly cooking an egg or two in the microwave.


When Marge Lindemann decided not to product dyed silk scarves, Mary Dosch decided to jump in.

Check out her winter’s production in silk.

marys scarves





New mosaic bench creation installed at the new Spooner Hospital

Mary’s Latest Mosaic Project

Installed on the Exterior of the Shell Lake Public Library


Created with Shell Lake Community Members

See more of Mary’s mosaic projects




Mary’s newest style of dinnerware…available by custom order.  Choose your colors and pieces, and she’ll create it.

Check out our other dinnerware styles.


Dinner plate, luncheon plate, soup & salad bowl & dessert bowl.  You can order any number of any item, and mix up the glaze colors however you’d like.